poems, ethereal space of imagination, ethereal space of fantasy
poems, ethereal space of imagination, ethereal space of fantasy
Christian Megrelis
Christian Megrelis

Welcome to the website of Christian Megrelis

This site is a link with you, unknown reader , my future friend!

The electronic age is new for me , having spent most of my life without mobile (one of the dreams of my early years, the second was to fly ..not yet reached…).

How could has life been possible then?

Well, I survived long enough to become addict, as you are, I suppose. But my earlier life reminds me that life is possible without. We should free ourselves from all these impedimenti that eventually overload our existences and deprive us of part of our ingenuity.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you some of the experiences of a man with a very eclectic life, guided by the passion of liberty ( I use to say that my liberty is my passport which enables me to go where I wish when I wish) and the passion of service to my neighbor.

My bio will be my passport to the blogosphere which I shall discover with your help.

My articles will depict my reactions to the news of the world.

My books will be the resumes of my long range ,often lonely races after “Honor, Glory and Sciences”, the motto of my alma mater.

My poems will be my pass to the ethereal space of imagination, fantasy , love and faith.



Welcome to the world according to Christian!




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